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Exit Interviews Reduce Your Turnover

Reduce Your Turnover

WebExit® Online Exit Interview Management System

WebExit, Nobscot's award winning system provides you with a continual stream of employee satisfaction data. Identify reasons for employee turnover and measure the success of your workplace initiatives, through one easy to use web based interface.

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Exit Interview Management System

Automate your exit interview process with Nobscot's powerful web based system. WebExit automatically captures, tracks, and statistically analyzes your employee exit interview data.

Generate comprehensive reports that pinpoint trouble areas within your company. Used around the globe, WebExit includes an optional language module for overseas operations.

The glass ceiling module detects workplace barriers for women and people of color. Easily measure the success of your diversity initiatives.

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Get more honest feedback with online exit interviews.

FirstDays Onboarding

New Hire Survey System

With FirstDays, companies can easily conduct New Hire Onboarding Surveys to help minimize turnover during employees' first year of employment.

Modeled after Nobscot's award winning WebExit, FirstDays is a comprehensive onboarding employee survey system designed specifically for new hire surveying.

The system comes complete with customizable pre-configured questionnaires that can be administered on any schedule (eg 45, 60, 90 days).

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  • Onboarding and Quality of Hire Surveys
  • Easy-to-Read Charts and Graphs
  • Identify Recruiting and Onboarding Strengths and Weaknesses

Nobscot's WebExit - Testimonials

From Satisfied Exit Interview Clients

Nobscot Client Testimonials

"I have really enjoy working with you and Nobscot due to your professionalism, customer focus, expertise and high quality product. I hope I have sent a few new customers your way based on my reference. Singing Nobscot's praises has been an easy task." - Human Resources Manager

"We have reduced attrition by 21.56% the first year after the analysis, then an additional 9.92% year to date so far." - Senior HR Business Process Analyst

"Our exit interview participation rate went from approximately 30% to 70% in the first six months." - Human Resources Director

"Since the implementation of WebExit, we are capturing a much wider audience and we now have data in a useable format. We are able to provide quarterly reporting to our top management and connect the data to information from other sources to identify trends and get in front of potential issues." - HR Partner

"I would be remiss if I didn't add that Nobscot's customer service is outstanding. There has never been a time or delay in responsiveness to our needs." - Director of Human Resources

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Awards & Recognition

  • Mentor Scout Wins HR Product of the Year Mentor Scout Wins HR Product of the Year
  • WebExit Wins HR Product of the Year WebExit Wins HR Product of the Year

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